Cabbit: A Dreamlike Labor of Love


After 4 years in production and loads of passion, Montana based artist Soogie has released this highly entertaining short film called “Cabbit.” With intricate cross-hashings, a sharpie and a scanner, it was animated frame-by-frame. Produced by John Kassab and Greg Sugano of PROSPEKT, “Cabbit” takes you through a surreal world where cats and dogs wear trenchcoats and hats, drive cars, and meet for dates. Oscar winning director of ‘The Lost Thing’, Shaun Tan speaks highly of “Cabbit”:

“A beautiful style of moving image, building a dense, miniature and dreamlike world, intricately observed. I can sense the dedication and generosity of spirit in each frame.”

Watch the film below (HD is best) then check out the artwork from the film that’s available for purchase here.


Cabbit 2

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