Living Modern Art: Duo Pranks Tate Modern & Saatchi

Gallery Hijack

Ok, confession time. The last time I visited the Tate Modern there were a number of exhibits that people just didn’t seem to “get.” Richard Sarra’s Trip Hammer, Martin Boyce’s Gate (We don’t meet here. We are always together first.), and anything made by Charlotte Posenenske had people with perplexed and muttering sentences like, “I just don’t get how this is art…”

To most observers — modern or not — these industrially styled artworks are hard to understand. So, when I found a room filled only with a ladder, some plastic, an electric lift, and a sign reading something like, “This space undergoing renovation,” I couldn’t help but turn the sign around to see what happened. Surprisingly, people almost immediately showed up. They stood and stared past the rope, analyzing the “fine art” they were observing.

Based on this experience, when I came across this museum hijacking video by a duo going by the names of Doug and Mikael, I couldn’t help but love it.


Doug and Mikael strive to show us “how to be art,” invading the Tate Modern and Saatchi Gallery in London with just their unshakable wit and a ping-pong ball each. The two stand for long enough (and you’ll see it isn’t long) for people to start thinking they’re actually highly realistic statues. (Or maybe people think they’re real, just some avant-garde street performers who’ve made it big.) Regardless, take a look at their video below for a revealing look at modern art viewers:

Via twentytwowords

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