Not Your Average Pool Party: Ping Pong Ball Projecting

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 10

Water isn’t known for being the most “projection friendly” surface. I mean, you shine a light on it and the beam either goes right through, or refracts and distorts badly. So when art studio Red Paper Heart was challenged by UrbanDaddy to come up with a way to create a memorable interactive experience in water, their expertly produced projections were going to need a different surface. What did they do?

“We reacted as any any normal person would, and promptly put in an order for 65,000 ping pong balls, enough to cover the entire surface of the pool. To go with our new screen, we created an application which mapped to the pool and displayed a floating river of graphics, pulled by an invisible tide. Audio reactive visuals bumped along with the various dj’s and musical acts taking place poolside. The tactile quality of swimming through ping pong balls, combined with animated colors and light created an interactive event worth telling stories about.”

There creation is the kind we’d like to see floating at our next hotel pool… it’s a lot like a ball pit for adults. And talk about interactive… you get to dive right through the surface of the screen, leaving holes in your wake. The best part? As they’ve dried and put the ping pong balls back in storage, this will be happening again. Find out more at

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 1

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 2

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 3

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 4

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 5

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 6

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 7

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 8

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 9

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