Nostalgia Ultra: Child of the 90s


Nostaliga. I just love the way the word slips off the tongue, and excites my memory banks. Just the mention of the word sends images racing through my mind at breakneck speeds. I grew up a child of the 90s. Nirvana was one of the first bands I ever really got into (In Utero was the first album I ever slipped into my my Sony Discman® and prayed the skip stabilizer would hold). My shoes either pumped up so I could run faster and jump higher during the day — or — lit up to light my way at night, when I stayed out after the street lights came on. Internet Explorer was born in the 90s, and as they grew up, a generation known as Millennials did too. Which makes this campaign tug a little harder on the heart strings — for those who remember.

Microsoft didn’t stop their nostalgia hunt at pump and light-up shoes, they went and excavated all sorts of 90s memorabilia to jog our memories. Slap bracelets, fanny packs, and yin-yang necklaces were all styles I rocked. But, the bowl cut I rocked the hardest (and longest). These relics remind us of an age when life was simpler, and the only thing buzzing in our pocket was a Tamagotchi, and not an iPhone. We were looking at dial-up speeds that rivaled the prehistoric dinosaurs. Microsoft’s message is clear: you grew up, so did we. Check out this video and see what memories come rushing back from your childhood; and, if you didn’t grow up in the 90s, marvel at how awesome it must have been.

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via: The Browser You Loved to Hate

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