13 Year Old Hypothesizes What Redditors Look Like


Ah, Reddit. An open playground to share awesome internet treasures, express your deepest thoughts, retell your most hilarious stories, showcase your talents, and sharpen your wit- all under a blanket of anonymity. There really is something for everyone and if you prefer the lurking approach (like me) it’s a place to be entertained by all of the above, dipping your feet in the water, until you reach that point where you’re ready to dive in and contribute to the community. One young redditor, Dylynpicklez took a peak behind Reddit’s curtain of anonymity with an offer that we found quite intriguing. We discovered her post in the ICanDrawThat subreddit. The aspiring artist wanted to challenge herself to draw people that she had no way of looking at based solely on on their descriptions of themselves. She invited redditors to write her a description and she actually delivered 32 portraits!


The project was very ambitious and I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to try to bring the words to life, since I struggled just to come up with a description for her while I was looking at a picture of myself. As a member of an artistic family, 13 year old Dylynpicklez has been drawing most of her life, but started getting noticed for her art a few years ago, and has since begun to evolve and progress more with it. She also loves photography and travel with dreams of becoming a photo journalist or art therapist when she grows up. I am amazed at her determination to come up with and execute a project like this; her future looks very promising. Special thanks to Dylynpicklez for the drawings of me and Paul (soloride) and the interview. Each Redditor’s description below is followed by the finished sketch.

yodaman -17 year old male, very light brown/very dark blonde short lenght hair that I don’t comb but just sort of sweep back without any product to keep up, leaving it looking rather messy, sidebyrns end in points halfway down my ears, very angular, relaxed brown eyes, sharply defined eyebrows, sharp nose with raised bridge, starts thin but ends as wide as the space between my eyes, tight mouth with thins lips, overall head shape is thin and tall, with rounded chin and corners, jaw is defined but not squared, straight line from chin to ear lobe. Hope that’s good enough. –yodaman

Xingzhi – Oooh, pick me? :3 20/f Asian/German Fairly round, small, oval face. My cheekbones are rather angular for my face and my jaw. Soft jawline and a small chin. It’s almost as if my cheeks are flaring out a little – definitely a bit of the “Asian chubbiness” going on (so the widest point of my face is around my mouth). There’s a horizontal cleft/slash across my chin’s top, helps define it. Small mouth with pouty, well shaped lips. They are almost perfect in proportion to each other. I have a very small mole resting just at the curve of my lip on my left side. I have a big smile – shows my top row of teeth and just the barest tops of the bottom set. A dimple in my right cheek and laugh lines closer to my mouth when I smile. Big, upturned eyes. Noticeable, heavy lids (strange combination between Asian and European) and a well defined brow bone. Heavy but not long lashes on top of my eye; sparse on the lower. My eyebrows are probably considered large for a female but they fit my face well. They naturally come to an arch and a small slash down at the ends. Dark brown irises, they used to be closer to black (think the darkest shade of mahogany possible). My forehead is fairly natural – not really wide or high, just sort of there. A snub nose, it flares out. You can barely see the curve/a hint of my nostrils if you’re looking at me straight on. The skin between my nostrils dips down a bit. Another small mole just left of my nose and another just below the cheekbone of my right cheek. My hair goes down to my ribcage. I have a part to the left side of my head and sweeps right (heavy “side bangs”) and tuck behind my ear but the ends flare out away from the rest of my hair.My ears – the lobes are detached, and are curved slightly away from my hair if my hair is pulled back. Both ears are pierced – I normally wear orchid shaped studs and there’s a small flip-flop shaped stud in my right cartilage (just under the curve). Good luck with your project :3

toastitos – Female, caucasian, pale (not fair skin) and kind of on the pinkish side. My hair is medium brown and very curly, it’s a little bit longer than shoulder length. Not super super tight curls, but more curly than someone who tried curling their straight hair with a curling iron. I have bangs that sweep to the left if you’re looking at me, I normally straighten these to some extent. My ears are smaller than normal, but you can’t see them because I have so much hair. My hair is layered and there is a lot of it, it’s probably my most identifiable feature. My eyebrows aren’t very prominent, they are lighter brown than my hair and easily missed, but if you look at them they are “well shaped” I guess. I have level grey-blue eyes that are commonly mistaken for green. My eyelashes aren’t very long but I normally wear mascara. My eyes are a bit rounder shaped, and the space between them is a little bit smaller than the width of one of my eyes, but I don’t think they appear to close together. My eyes are not deep set, they lay pretty shallow on my face (hopefully that makes sense). From between my eyes to the bottom of my nose is about an eye length plus a bit, and my nose is probably a tiny bit smaller than a width of an eye. I’d consider it roundish, but I’ve definitely seen rounder noses than mine. My mouth is pretty average, maybe less wide than most depending on my expression. It has the dip at the top and my bottom lip is bigger than my top lip. My face is oval shaped. I’m not sure what it means to have a strong jaw line, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have one. I have a softer chin. I think my neck is shorter than average. If I smile I don’t have dimples or anything, but I have pretty full cheeks (it is my hope you don’t draw me smiling). I’m 22, but I think I probably look a bit young for my age?

TheSwedeAtLarge – Female, 16 years old. I have an oval shaped face and a somewhat defined jaw (as in my face isn’t totally round) and a pale/pink skin tone. Chest-length straight honey brown hair, bangs that sweep to my right side. Almond-shaped eyes that are green with brown around the pupil. Thick eyelashes of average length. Arched eyebrows that start wide and taper off, they are light brown. Slight ski-slope nose that is rather small. My lips are full from top to bottom but small across, my bottom lip is larger than the top; they are often halfway opened on account of slight bucked front teeth. When I smile I have “dimples” underneath my eyes and get big cheeks with barely visible cheekbones by my ears. My ears are average sized, the bottom bit is not attached to my face. Hope this helps, excited to see the final portrait!

TheRealSiri – Male, 16 (I look older). My hair is brown and of medium length, right above my eyes, covering my eye brows and ears. Hazel eyes, my nose is kind of large. I have a large build (not really fat, just large). My cheeks are usually red, and I’m pretty white, (almost pale). I have no facial hair, and my usual expression is just a small smile. I have a rounded jaw line. I hope this is enough. If you need more of a description just tell me. Sorry its all mixed up

Soloride – I am 36 years old, but could probably pass for 30. My girlfriend says my jaw line looks like a non-cartoon version of Gaston from Beauty & the Beast with a non-butt-chin. My jawline is very pronounced. The day after I shave I have a distinct 5 o’clock shadow and usually sport some scruff. I have latin coloring with black hair and eyebrows that are fairly thick and straight and slightly narrower on the side furthest from my nose. My nose is neither big nor small, slightly wide, and almost looks as if I am lightly pressing the tip against glass- meaning it’s not pointed at all- but my nostrils are not visible. My hair is full and short, not receding, but my forehead is wide and approximately the same height as the distance from the top of my eyebrows to the bottom of my lips. My teeth are straight but my canines are slightly longer than the others. When I smile only my top teeth show and a little bit of my pink tongue. My upper lip is fairly thin and my bottom lip is twice as thick. My cheek bones are fairly pronounced and my dark brown eyes crinkle at the corners when I smile.

SirJofL – 17 year old male with light brown medium length hair. My hair is just long enough that I have a casual part to the right. My head is oval shaped and average size with a defined jaw line. My eyes are grey and always slightly squinted due my sensitivity to florescent bulbs. The main feature that people know me by are my very bushy eye brows. I keep them clean and disconnected but they are larger then your average eyebrow. My ears are the right size for my head and are just your average ears. My lips are not thick but not thin and my nose is pretty average as well. And my eyes are set a little closer then average. Hope this helps.

Qeezy – Male/20/6’6″/bmi19 Indian, but not too dark. Tall, lanky as you can tell. Tall face. Prominent nose, high bridge, slightly bulbous tip, pointed nostrils. Normal sized lips, but I think they’re too big. They’re kinda purplish. Naturally curved into a scowl. Goatee that seems to fade thickness (thinner hair above lip, thicker hair on chin) that is narrow on the sides. Prominent chin and slightly hollow cheeks. Very heavy furrowed brow. Eyes too far back in my skull, with my nose, it looks like they’re too close together and narrow, but not Asian narrow. Left eye is very slightly crossed, pointed maybe a millimetre inward. Straight forehead, as tall as my abnormally large hand is wide. Hair is pretty much black, expect in bright lights (it’s actually brown). Between wavy and curly. Cut to finger width and spiked forward on the top. Trimmed to 5 and brushed back on the sides. No sideburns. Big ears that don’t have that curve at the top. Slightly lighter than my face. From the front, they look pointed. From the side they look wide and flat. And now for my favourite part. My pupils are blue. Not typical eye-colour blue, but Levi jeans coloured blue. With a brown ring in the centre.

Paintnwood – 29 male. My skin is kind of a lighter tan/darker caucasian. My hair is straight and very thick, reddish brown and the only way I know how to describe it is “a stand-uppish bed head on top, short back and sides” I’ve got a cavemanish forehead with Jack Nicholson eyebrows. My face/head is pretty square rather than tall. Everyone tells me my eyes are hazel but I have always seen them as a lighter green. They stand out from the rest of my face but in a good way, they’re big and round but not so big that they look out of place. I’ve been told my whole life my eyes always look angry. Under my left eye I’ve got a small birth mark that looks like a dozen little freckles or some dirt. My nose is a bit too slopey for me face but at least it doesn’t look too big. My beard covers my chipmunk cheeks and both chins. My mouth is more of a permanent smirk than anything else with a thick bottom lip that always make it look like I’m pouting. My ears are pretty plain except the left lobe has a scar where I had an earring ripped out when I was a kid. And I’m rarely seen not wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey. I’m a little on the tubby side but not so fat that its my distinguishing trait. I sure hope this description is okay and I hope you use it. Good luck with your project.

novedlleub – I am a 27 year old male. BUILD: I am about 220 LBS. HAIR:Right now I have light brown hair, a little shaggy but mostly pointed to ward the center and slightly to my right (think of a messy part). Slightly receded hair line at the corners of forehead. EYE BROW: I have a strong pronounced brow, think a little less cavemean. Dark eye brows, thick, but not bushy. EYES: Hazel in color, both look very slightly lazy…. like i have a a mild buzz on or fairly tired. NOSE: I have a regular size bridge but wide/big notrils, nose it not overly big. MOUTH: I have a slightly thinner top lip to bottom lip ratio, but mostly average. With straight teeth, but my two front teeth are a little bigger than surrounding teeth. FACE: shape is not quite oval, more so long/round , think slim Seth Rogan. SCAR: on MY left side of face at jaw line following the left part of chin upward to straigh underneeth outside corner of left eye at jawline. so apporx 1 1/2 inch liong on jawline BEARD: Right now i have a pretty full beard, when full lots of red and orange highlights can be seen, but mainly looks dark brown, especially at the chin, soul patch and around scar (hair does not grow there , therfore scar is very visible) If no beard I always have stubble. EARS: average to slightly larger, do not stick out but big. Small bags under eyes

NomBiter – I’m male with golden blond hair. It’s sorta Justin Beibery. Basically the hairstyle every tween star had within the past couple years. My hair rests just above my eyes and swoops to the right (your right). I have small almost Asian looking green eyes. Sort of almond shaped. My nose is described as a slight ski jump. Down then turns up in the slightest of ways. Its moderately sized and rounded. I always wear gasses which are black plastic Raybans. Not the obnoxious big kind but the thinner ones that are still quite wide. They hide the fact that my eyes are small. My mouth is hard to describe. Its generally big but not Stephen Tyler big. Its an average mouth. My lips are average thickness. I have a rounded jawline which slopes sort of ovulary towards my chin. My chin juts out a little which creases right below my bottom lip. If I’m gonna be smiling in the image, my two front teeth are odd. The right (your right) is slightly folded over the left. My other teeth are normal. You cant see my ears under my hair. Oh and my eyebrows. My eyebrows are a straight line over my eye but angle in a straight line down at the one end. They’re not too thick. My cheekbones are high but not too prominent. I’m young looking. Say 16 or 15 at the youngest.

neoblade1624 – This sounds fun! I’ll try my best. πŸ˜› To begin with, I’m 18 years old male. I have light skin, but not too white. Just, a bit darker. I don’t have a round face nor a thin face, somewhere in the middle. I have a few small moles on my face, one notable one on my left cheekbone, and other in the center of my forehead. Not too large though, maybe 0.5mm radius. I have a messy hair, straight, dark brown/black and uncut for about 8 months so it’s mid-length (When I pull it down in front of my eyes, it goes down to the tip of my nose). My forehead is not too large, not too small. It’s about 3.5-4 fingers large. I have light brown/hazel eyes with a dark green borders around the eyeball. I have slight eye bags, and round-ish eyes. I have slightly thick eyebrows, and they fade out towards the center (less and less denser). I have a larger-than-regular nose, not too arched or thick but slightly larger than regular. It’s not tipped upwards or downwards, somewhat in the middle. I have a regular mouth, slightly thin and the distance between the bottom of my nose and the top of my lips is about the same size with one of my eyes. When I smile you can see dimples on my cheeks. I have no beard/mustache, I’m usually clean shaven, but sometimes I let out a small goatee. Nothing special about my ears, no piercing or anything, also earlobes are not attached to the head. I hope this is a good enough explanation, if you notice anything I’ve left out, please let me know. πŸ˜‰

Miscellaneouscat – Female, caucasian, 21, but I look maybe 18. Kinda pale but not sickly. I have shoulder length light brown hair with a fringe that starts on my right and is longest on the left. My eyes are brown and roundish almond. I don’t think they’re particularly close together or far apart. My eyelashes are pretty long and I always wear mascara/eyeliner (don’t know if that’s relevant). My nose is small but long. My mouth is kind of close to my nose, and agerage size, with my lips being pretty even (top a tad thinner). I have a small face that’s not quite round and not quite oval. I’m 5’9 and weigh 110lbs. I think this is an awesome project and I look forward to the results, even if you don’t pick me πŸ™‚

ladyzebra – I’m 28, but still get carded way too often. I have pale white skin, green eyes, and long brown hair. My hair is usually parted where it naturally falls on my left side, about an inch from my widow’s peak. Depending on the lighting, my hair is usually a medium brown, it’s almost light brown with auburn gleams at times, but no blonde. It’s thick, but fine and falls very straight except for where it curves on my shoulders and the length reaches the middle of my back. My eyebrows are the same color as my hair, fairly thin with a rounded arch. The right one tends to grow slightly up rather than out on the side closest to my nose. I have a small dent-like scar from chicken pox in between my eyebrows slightly closer to the right one. My eyes are average sized with a small amount of lid visible when they are open. The iris is light green and fills the opening so that the whites are only visible on the sides- not above or below. My eyelashes are short, but full on top, fairly sparse on the bottom. My nose is lightly freckled- when you look closely. It’s average sized and sort of shaped like a rounded triangle from the side, but looks like a round blob from the front. My lips are pink and full, not in a creepy botox sort of way, just as in they are not thin by any means, with the top just slightly thinner than the bottom. When I smile a tiny bit of my pink gums show on top. Only my top teeth show and they are straight, but lean back slightly, making them look small. My bottom lip usually covers my bottom teeth and the bottom edge of my top teeth when I’m smiling. I guess I would call the shape of my face heart shaped bc my chin comes to a rounded point and I have a widow’s peak, but it’s kind of long too

zt666 – Neat. I look strange so I will add mine.I am female but look sort of androgynous. My face is long and pretty “typical” attractive looking. My head is shaved except for the top, I have long hair at the top of my head like a floppy moehawk, and it’s brown with pale blue-green tips, it flops to the right. My upper lip is rather small, and my bottom lip is slightly larger. My nose is very normal perhaps a little bigger, I love my high cheekbones. My eyes are almond shaped and grey green. I have mole around two inches below my right eye. My ears are small and roundish and my right one is pieced with a curly hippy-style earring. My eyebrows are normal, but I shaved a “slice” out of the left one, around 3/4 near the outside edge. wow, that is really hard!

Juliet – 17 year old female here. I feel like my face is rounder than it is, but I resist when it’s described as so. It’s a round-ish oval, I’ll say. My chin is pointier than the rest of it, yet still rounded, and my cheekbones are somewhat defined, yet it’s not as visible as I’m sure they’d be if I were to lose weight in the face. My eyebrows are a darker blond than my face, almost a brown. Somehow, I’m not sure if it’s only in pictures or if I do it all the time, but my right (left when you look at me) eyebrow is usually arched up, while the other one stays low and less expressive over my left eye. It looks like I’m questioning everything, I think, but it also kind of looks derpy. My eyes are medium-ly lidded, and are shaped like sideways lemons that are a bit flat. Their color always seems to be different but I usually just say blue, although they are a duller, gray-blue with golden flecks in them. My nose has a bump on it, a dorsal hump I think it’s called, that from the front just succeeds in making it look wider and more pronounced but from the side it’s like what I “affectionately” call a mogul as opposed to the ski slope noses many people possess. The tip is somewhat round, and overall it’s definitely a dominant part of my face. My lips are pretty average in length from side to side, the bottom one is fuller than the top, and they are naturally a lighter pink-red than average. My hair goes down to almost my mid-back and although I brush it and take good care of it, at this length it’s usually pretty free-flowing. Technically I have side bangs but I’m constantly pushing them back so it’s more like my hair is swooshed up away from my face. It used to be blond, a darker blond but with lots of natural highlights and lowlights, but I recently henna-d it and it took on some bronze and orange properties while still maintaining blond in some areas. Oh, and in terms of skin color I’m pretty white, but more a peach-y white with pink-ish red cheeks, and I blush really easily. This sounds really neat, good luck and I can’t wait to see the finished products!

Isbit – 22 year old female. 170 cm/70 kg. Northern European, not extremely pale, but not very dark either, a bit of a tan. My face is fairly round, and I don’t have too much of a chin (a bit, granted, but less than “normal”). My nose is quite small and points upwards. Bottom lip is a bit thicker than my upper lip, always had big lips compared to others around me. Got a piercing in my bottom lip, in the middle. My hair is cut short on all sides, and long on top of the head, combed to my left side. The long part reaches down to my earlobe, the short hair is around 2 cm long. Short hair and the roots of the long hair are dyed pink, the tips of the long hair black. In my right ear you can see 3 piercings in the earlobe, and an industrial piercing as well. All piercing jewelry is steel. My eyebrows are plucked from quite bushy to a “normal” size, and dyed pink. They have a little point to them at a wide angle, towards the outer ends of them. My eyes are green, average-sized. I usually wear mascara, black eyeshadow, and black eyeliner, creating a quite sooted look on top of the lid (and not under it, only mascara there). Best of luck, looking forward to the result πŸ™‚

indomara – wow i thought this would be easy but after pulling up a picture of myself, its harder than i thought. ok. im female, white, very thin, with grey blue eyes that have a ring of yellow around the pupil making them look greenish from a distance. my skin is very pale with a yellowish cast to it rather then the usual pink. i have impossibly thick generally unmanageable brown hair with a slight red cast grown to my waist. its usually kept braided. i have an oval face, with slightly high-set ears that have many earrings. my chin is on the wide side, with a very slight dip on each side before leading to a strong but rounded jawline. my cheekbones are high, with a defined edge that leads to the upper curve of my ear and temple. my forehead is high, but a cowlick makes the hair to your right fall forward from the part across my forehead a bit, even when its pulled back. my part is set around an inch off center to your left. my eyes are set in what i would call a “normal” spacing. theyre large, but made to look smaller behind dark rimmed glasses in a small oval shape coming to a point on center, not quite a cat eye frame. my nose is on the wide side, in profile it has a nice slope and turns up slightly at the tip, looking straight on, its slightly wider than my eyes at the widest part around the nostrils. its got a very “round” end, with small but defined in a round curve nostrils. over all at least a size or two too large for my face, but balanced with the strong frames of my glasses. i have a smallish “cupids bow” mouth, the upper curve and … dip in the skin leading from my nose are very defined. the skin of my lips is very thin, making them dark pink wearing nothing but lip balm. my teeth are slightly yellowed from coffee, my smile is small overall with no gums showing. i usually smile without teeth. i have a small dark brown mole above my mouth to your left, in the typical “movie starlet” spot straight up from the outer edge of my smile a few mm. i have another small mole on your right just below the outer edge of my smile, in the other typical “movie starlet” spot. i used to wish i had one or the other, but there you have it. i think… thats the best i can describe myself. ill post the pic i was looking at if you decide to paint me. would be interesting to see how close you get. ^_^

Godmother – That sounds brilliant! I will have a shot at it too. I have an oval face, light skin – my cheeks blush many times a day – and dark brown long hair. I love my eyes, they are almond shape hazel/honey colour. Hey are also big expressive eyes. My nose is a little more big than average, italian roots, you know? My lips are cartoony like, and my cupid’s bow is well defined. My ears are big – little bit larger than my nose actually – and I use three pairs of earrings and one circular piercing – same jewel in two pierces – on the top of my left ear. I have freckles too, in nose-cheeks area. My brows are thin and curved like a bow. Anything else? Ugh, its kinda hard describe yourself like this!

falsesetofteeth – I’m a 23 year old Korean female with super dark brown almond shaped eyes with a laugh crinkle (just one!) at the end, high forehead with lightly arched thick eyebrows, relatively high cheekbones on an oval face. My eyelashes – while long are kinda sparse ( πŸ™ ) which are hidden behind glasses anyways. I wear Mad Men style glasses – Ray-Ban-esque tortiseshell on the top with clear bottoms. My nose is fairly long for an Asian – it’s a bit thicker than the norm, ending in a teeny tiny upturn at the end with the ever-so-slight bump in the middle from an injury as a child. I have a high cupid’s bow with rosebud lips in a sort of muted pinky-rose. Both upper and lower lip are about the same size – they also upturn at the corners in a not-there-but-it’s-there-sort-of-smile. I have a bit of a stubborn streak which basically defines my chin. It’s got a tiny dimple at the bottom with a “U” shape under my lips. I normally style my hair with it parted to the side with long side swoopy bangs and keep it loosely knotted in a chignon at the nape of my neck. It’s a dark chocolate brown with a auburn tint from the sun. Oh! And my ears are normal, I guess. I’ve never examined them in length

Erock0607 -I’m a male, Beard (brownish red) hair that’s short length with sideburns that end at the bottom of my average (lobe attached) ears, Black Plastic rimmed glasses that kinda look like David Tennant’s from Dr.Who (shape wise), 16 years of age but I look about 17, defined jawline, generally full eyebrows (one of them is usually raised in an intrigue/confused sort of way), brown eyes that are always kinda relaxed (not wide open, not tired), average sized nose that’s not pointy (very rounded-like but doesn’t look big or bulbous), my mouth is of average size, with a tine over bit, smaller upper lip and average lower lip…I have downward facing arc shape (like if you flipped the amazon.com symbol upside down) about 1.5-2cm under my mouth that defines my chin…hope this helps!

DogKnowsBest – Male, 47, brown hair with a little gray starting to show, freckles, and a neatly trimmed goatee. Hair is about two-three inches in length, combed over to the left. Very slim, 6ft, 150lbs so my face is slim as well. Brown eyes, eyebrows are brown and not very thick. Ears do tend to stick out more so rather than being plastered against my head. High forehead with wrinkles that show up when I squench my eyes (you know, the serious look). I do not have sideburns at all. I probably look mid-thirties. My eyes are round, but do tend to taper off towards the outside edge. They are also set deeper into my face than most. My nose is larger than normal and slightly off center (YET it’s not anything like Adrian Brody’s). My nostrils are oblong. My lips are on the smaller side and not puffy at all. The overall shape of my face is long and oval but tends to be wider and flatter on top than on bottom. If I were to smile, there would be a slight gap between my two front teeth. I have dimples mid-cheek when I smile. Not sure what more I can give you. I hope this helps!

DodyBollocks – I don’t know if you still need these descriptions but I had a whole lot of fun analyzing my face and figuring out how to describe it! 24 year old female, pale skin with light freckles on nose and cheeks, oval face, lightly defined cheekbones (as in you can see my cheekbone and slight hollow between them and my jaw line) and rounded jaw line, one dimple on each cheek when smiling. Chin is rounded with a horizontal arch shaped crease about an inch up from the tip of the chin, if that makes sense. Hooded almond shaped hazel eyes (green with a defined brown ring around the center), brown lashes and light ashy brown eyebrows with nearly no arch to speak of with a small bald patch just before the peak of the arch on left brow. Strawberry blonde wavy/lightly curly hair down to mid-back with whispy curls at the temples and just in front of ears that never behave. Hair rarely tamed especially if humidity is involved, waves and soft curls always present. Mouth slightly on the small side with fuller bottom lip than top with no defined line or crease in the center, fine upper lip in comparison with the bottom and only lightly defined philtrum. Average size somewhat snubby and upturned nose with a rounded tip, nostril stud on the right nostril just above nearly non existent nostril curve, small mole a little smaller than a pencil eraser (the bump kind not the kind that sticks out like a wart) at the height of the nose stud and lines up just under the center of the eye. Attached earlobes on average ears for a female that stick out a little too much, both lobes pierced twice with rings and two cartilage rings in top of right ear.

DinosaurViking – 19/m. I wear a black tuque (a beanie I think it’s called elsewhere?) and I have a large pair of round goggles (reflective, but seem to have a green tint, and black strap) that constrict it to my head rest on my forehead. Tuque comes down to the top of my eyes, eyebrows not visible. My hair hangs out right on the side of my face, in front of my shoulders most of the time. It comes half way down my chest. It’s a mid to dark brown. No ears, hidden behind hair and tuque. Now for the face… My nose is normal enough, it’s straight and doesn’t do anything. My sister pesters me about how perfect she thinks it is. Eyes are pretty relaxed and blue (slightly baggy too). Mouth… I dunno. Normal, I guess? Jawline is slightly round and heavy. I have a soft subtle cleft in my chin. If the hat and goggles are unacceptable, I have thick hair, parted, and flowing around down my face with a slight and heavy curl. Brow is nothing special. Eyebrows have a slight thickness.

dieflamingos – Very round face, though it can sometime seem slightly heart-shaped. Dimples on both cheeks, but not even ones, my right is down farther than the left -both end up looking like comma’s. I have high cheek bones and olive toned skin. My mouth seems small width-wise on my face; my upper lip is quite thin but my lower lip is huge and seemingly pouty. I have two piercings called snake-bites, with medium size silver metal balls – not rings, balls (under bottom lip – one on either side.) My nose is short, rounded, a little wide- and a little upturned. I have two freckles on it, one on my bridge and one between my nostrils. My eyes are relatively far apart, very almond shaped and blue – I wear a lot of eyeliner and mascara. My eyebrows have a medium arch, they are relatively thick near the center and very thin at the ends. My hair is slightly past my shoulders, wavy and brown. I part it to the (my) right. I never smile with teeth showing in pictures. I do smile, though – and when I do I raise my eyebrows, making me always look a little surprised. I generally only smile with one side of my mouth (my right), unless I find something funny.

bigdark – Round face, Almond eyes, Strong jaw line, sharp chin, Bearded with full mustache, Light brown hair, Buzzed head, Full smooth eyebrows, Petite ears, Hazel green brown eyes, Well lined top row of teeth, Slight jumble bottom row of teeth, Peach colored skin, Strong broad forehead, strong brow but not Neanderthal, Symmetrical nose that is strong, but not obscene on my face, Keen gaze and expression, Not a mouth breather, Large grin, Expression of a person who reads, argues, and speaks for a living. My wife says my voice is like honey and velvet. I am built like Teddy Roosevelt.

awkwardtuna – I have medium ash-blonde hair that is very long (to my lower back) and slightly curly towards the ends. I keep a deep side part to cover my medium to high forehead and usually tuck the side opposite the part behind my ear. I have untanned Caucasian skin and hazel, almond shaped eyes. I keep my eyebrows neatly shaped in an arch that thins toward the outer edge. My nose is slightly wider than average and I have long (not round) nostrils. I have a wide smile and straight teeth, medium sized lips. I have high cheekbones. My cheeks are round and lead into a pointy chin. My jaw line is a bit rounder than I would prefer πŸ™‚ Good luck with your project! I am very interested to see how you put it all together.

ancientbees – My face is long and round. Not angular at all. My skin is pale but usually kind of pinkish. From the top down now. My hair is golden blonde and bra-strap length. I don’t have bangs. It is all one length and parted on the left (my left). It is darker underneath. My forehead is pretty average. From my eyebrow to my hairline it’s about the width of my four fingers. My hairline is straight across (not a widow’s peak). My eyebrows are sculpted and light brown. I have one darkish green eye and one light gold eye. My eyes are smallish and you can’t really see the eyelid. My eyelashes are long. My eyes and eyebrows are an average distance apart. I have slight darkness under my eyes. My nose is slightly too long, rounded, and the tip points more up than down. At the widest part, at the bottom, it is exactly the width of the space between my eyes.The space between the tip of my nose and my upper lip is somewhat long/large. The little divot in the middle is prominent. My lips are fairly full. My upper lip has slightly pointed…I don’t know what they’re called. The part that looks like the top of a heart. My lips are usually slightly parted. My bottom lip is fuller and wider than my top lip. The overall width of my mouth (not smiling) is a bit wider than my nose. My lips are naturally pinkish/reddish. My cheeks are kind of large. Not in a fat way, but in a way that my face is large but my features are small. My chin is rounded and not very prominent unless I smile. I hope this was a helpful description! I would love to see it if you end up using mine, and maybe showing you a picture of me so you can see how close you got if you want!

AmberAlyssa – 24F. I have a heart shaped face with a slight widows peak and a flattened bottom at my chin rather than a point. Average forehead with larger round eyes (that still come to a mild point) that are a bright brilliant blue ( they are my favorite thing about me). My eyebrows are thicker but groomed. My bottom eyelashes are very light colored but my top eyelashes are a rich brown. I have medium strength cheek bones and a little bit larger nose (medium/large) that come to a flat tip rather than a point. It is skinny but sticks out further from my face. As for my lips… My bottom lip is thin but plump and my top lip is very thin with tops that comes to points. When i smile face has 2 giant dimples πŸ™‚ I had braces so my teeth are pretty straight but my two front teeth are a little bigger than most. And when i smile you can see my upper gums. My hair is currently a rich dark brown reaching almost to my breast with side bangs and part goes to the left. It also has a lot of natural volume so sometimes i just look a hot mess. My ears are medium shaped and my lobes are connected. My skin is a a light/medium tone with some light faded freckles across my nose. Hope that is enough info.

sophieneveu – I’m an 18 year old Indian girl with light brown skin. Well, I have hair up to my waist. Everyone thinks my hair is black but if you llook at it its actually dark brown. Its really fine and straight. I have bangs which part at the right side of my head. My hair is layered. My face is rounded but I still have a defined chin. Sort of like Emma Stone’s face structure. My eyes easily go unnoticed under my glasses. They are red square rimmed glasses. My eyes are a dark brown. I have shaped eyebrows which are really thick. My eyelashes are pretty long as well. My nose is not flat but it isn’t sharp either. Its like in between. My ears are just normal I suppose. My mouth is small.. and I have normal looking lips. Not too small, not so big. When I smile, I have dimples. :3 hmm.. what else?

littlerink -16 year old female. Sort of pale. Very light freckles. Straight nose, but the bottom tilts up slightly. Sort of on the larger side. Dark, angular eyebrows. Wide eyes, green with gold freckles. Squareish jaw, with smaller chin. Bottom lip is fuller than the top lip. Dark brown hair, curly. People say my “normal look” looks kind of pissed off. Anything else?

We repeated this image because it was the lead image.
Ilostmyfork – I am a male I’m 20 years old but most people think I look older. I’m half Samoan, Half Filipino. My skin is lighter than that of an average Filipino person I wear these knock off Rayban hipster looking glasses I got for cheapo from China because my eyes can’t see anything. I have a goatee and a mustache. I have a wide circle-y shaped head. I have long, wavy, frizzy, cray-cray hair that looks kinda dead from dying it too much. It’s currently blue-purple-teal-pink-brown ish. I’m almost always wearing a hat, not like a baseball cap but like one of those military hats that have a flat top and are kinda square shaped. I have my hair ponytail’d through the back of the hat, but some of it frizzes out of the sides by my ears. Brown eyes. My nose pretty wide. My mouth is bigger than average too I think. I have relatively hairy brows too. No acne, but I have a bunch of scars from when I did. I’ve been told my natural facial expression looks kind of derpy. I think that’s all I can think of, hope this is good enough and can’t wait to see all of these.

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