Air Drive: Classic Cars Take to the Air

Renaud Marion Air Drive 5

Looking like some gravity defying retro-futuristic vehicles out of the movie Gattaca, or maybe Earth-based versions of Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder, the automobiles of Paris based photographer Renaud Marion might look even cooler than their wheeled counterparts. Calling the series ‘Air Drive‘ the effect is pretty simple, but the result is seriously captivating… a quick removal of the wheels on each of these cars makes them take the leap into the future of flying cars.


While we’re not sure if two examples of a style make it a trend, we’ve seen this done before by artist Beni Bischof (he calls his series “Handicapped Cars”). Something about these futuristic rides make us think the world of self-driving and even hovering vehicles might not be too far off… and maybe (like the DeLorean in Back to the Future II), we might even see classic cars converted to these new forms. Then again, maybe it’s just wishful thinking. See more of Marion’s excellent work on his Tumblr, Flickr or at

Renaud Marion Air Drive 4

Renaud Marion Air Drive 3

Renaud Marion Air Drive 2

Renaud Marion Air Drive 1

Renaud Marion Air Drive 6

Via fubiz

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