Student Creates Electromagnetic Harvester


A digital media student in Germany, Dennis Siegel, has put on his engineering hat to create a small device that can collect energy from thin air. Siegel explains,

“We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields which we are producing for information transfer or as a byproduct. Many of those fields are very capacitive and can be harvested with coils and high frequency diodes. Accordingly, I built special harvesting devices that are able to tap into several electromagnetic fields to exploit them.”

Although Siegel’s device only charges a single AA battery in a 24 hour period, the implications of this discovery are endless.


By holding the device up to the electromagnetic fields that surround us- near appliances and antennae, even the static electricity created when you pet your dog, charge is transferred from the air to the battery. The video below shows some of the many places Siegel’s electromagnetic harvester can gather power. Read more about the device on FastCoDesign and Siegel’s website.





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