Mel Fischer 2

Feathers and Fur: Beautiful Drawings in BallPoint Pen

Mel Fischer 2

Ah the lowly ballpoint pen: it’s the kind of writing instrument you don’t often associate with fine art, but one that is almost always at hand. East German born artist Mel Fischer knows how to harness every bit of charm out of the ubiquitous pens, creating realistic illustrations full of fur and feathers. Her works feature both animals and humans, the latter being adorned with stylish, feathery headwear.


The realism in the textures of Fischer’s work is simply astounding – giving one the feeling that they could almost reach out and touch the beautiful animals she presents. However realistic, the works don’t hide the navy blue origins of their creative medium; something which only adds to their fascinatingly good looks.

Fischer takes some of her inspiration from the sketches of Alphonse Mucha, something which translates to the flowing, nature based style of her artwork. You can see more of her illustrations, including many that aren’t done with the ballpoint pen, at DeviantArt.

Mel Fischer 3

Mel Fischer 5

Mel Fischer 1

Mel Fischer 4

Mel Fischer 6

Mel Fischer 7

Mel Fischer 8

Mel Fischer 9

Mel Fischer 11

Some examples of Fischer’s other work:
Mel Fischer 12

Mel Fischer 13

Mel Fischer 14

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