Extreme Makeover: Church Edition


Sometimes churches need makeovers. Over the course of many years some churches just don’t get the attendance they used to, and without the people to support the building expenses and upkeep, some churches close down. Such was the case of a church located in Ward 6, an up and coming waterfront neighborhood in Washington D.C. It was up for sale and it needed a facelift. With the help of a private commission, artist Hense was brought on to baptize this church into a new beginning and bring a little color to the local neighborhood.


Using a variety of vibrant colors, Hense took the church and made an art installation out of it. Located across the street from a new museum and hotel, it seemed like a good fit. Hense had already been known for doing large scale colorful installations in the past and made the church look quite beautiful in its old age. Hense had some thoughts regarding the unique project:

“Taking an existing object like the church and painting the entire thing re-contextualizes it and makes it a sculptural object. With projects like this one, we really try to use the existing architecture as inspiration for the direction of the painting.”











via whudat

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