Did You Know Walt had an Apartment at Disneyland?

Walt Disneys Appartment at Disneyland 1

Little known to most visiters of “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Walt Disney actually had an apartment not far from the entrance to the park on Main Street, USA. Perched above the tiny firehouse, Walt’s apartment was his part time residence during the busy period while the park was being built and the classic film Lady and the Tramp was on the drawing board.


Inside the small apartment is a “Victorian masterpiece” complete with miniatures, china and glassware from England. The decoration of the red dominated space was by Emile Kuri, who also created the Academy Award winning sets for the Victorian themed 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Mary Poppins and Pollyanna… so you know he was doing it right. Compare the two pictures of the apartment below, showing the place as it was built and as it appears today… you’ll find not much has changed. Also watch the video of Walt Disney’s daughter Diane Disney giving a tour of the small but comfortable place.

Walt Disneys Appartment at Disneyland 2

Walt Disneys Appartment at Disneyland 3

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