Vibrant, Striking Digital Art by Chris Saunders

1 Chris Saunders

The moment I saw these incredible works of art, I was immediately transplanted back to Fractal Nation at Burning Man. Chris Saunder’s art is so visually stimulating that the longer you look at it, the more you find to appreciate. He brings visionary art into the digital realm and captures the energy of life. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Saunders is now an LA resident and has been creating original digital designs while teaching at the Art Center College since 2004. After dabbling in the traditional design environment, “he had a moment of clarity,…saw the future of art and computer driven 2D and 3D graphics and animation across multiple media platforms and decided to lead rather than follow.


Saunders’ freelance work brought him clients, such as Xbox, Nokia, HP and Sprint. Then he started his own company called Lunara in 2010 to create visually engaging content for mobile applications, architectural installations and commercials. Follow him on Facebook to keep up with his entrepreneurial vision and see more of his creations.

2 Chris Saunders

3 Chris Saunders

4 Chris Saunders

5 Chris Saunders

6 Chris Saunders

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