What if Classic Movie Stars had Tattoos?

Jason Hill Tattoo Devas 8

In our current era, the idea that tattoos are wild, rebellious or even counter culture is quickly becoming passé. Your friends have them, respected celebrities have them, maybe even your grandma has them; but what if they had been more common in the past? Jason Hill asked that question and brought it to reality by creating a series of classic movie divas fully inked.


Hill’s series of 8 famous actresses from the silver screen (Marilyn Monroe gets double honors), takes old black and white photographs and covers them with tattoos of pretty questionable taste. Monroe has a PBR tat on her arm (highly hipster), Katherine Hepburn has a sweet airplane on her hand (a bit random), and Judy Garland has a daring Wizard of Oz chest piece (on point!). Although the choice of imagery is a bit silly, these pictures do let us observe if we have any latent judgement for people with tattoos. What do you think: are these classic movie icons as attractive with tattoos or is it taking away from their vintage appeal?

Jason Hill Tattoo Devas 1

Jason Hill Tattoo Devas 2

Jason Hill Tattoo Devas 3

Jason Hill Tattoo Devas 4

Jason Hill Tattoo Devas 5

Jason Hill Tattoo Devas 6

Jason Hill Tattoo Devas 7

Jason Hill Tattoo Devas 9

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