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HTML5 is quickly revolutionizing the way we use the internet, giving us both a beautifully performing and beautifully useful web experience. From pages with details that overlap as you scroll to visualizations which play music you control, it is making the internet as we know it, a far more user friendly place to be. Now Jongmin Kim of Form Follows Function is creating a series of 20 visualizations using the new edition of the web standard… and they are seriously fun to play with.


Kim’s site uses a scroll wheel-like card index to guide us to his visualizations. From a 3D rendering of a rotating Campbell’s soup can, to an experiment where you “plant” silhouettes of trees, many of his pieces allow the user to somehow interact and change their function. Others simply do what they do; like a spiral of words which rotates, or a classy flip clock which matches your computer time.

Perhaps the best way to interact with his experiments is through a smart phone or tablet, where your fingers can directly interact with the page and bring out its best potential. Learn more about Jongmin Kim at his personal site, then go experiment with his work for yourself at

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