Designer Drugs: As American As Apple Pie


“I can’t wait till I grow up, get married, have two kids, spend more money than I make, take xanax, and tell everyone how happy I am 😉 ” is the message that greets you as you enter Desire Obtain Cherish’s online art gallery and his works reveal a similar theme. The LA-based artist mocks middle class values in this collection of UV cast resin sculptures called designer drugs. In today’s society, we are taught that merchandise will fill every void, but the more we get, the more we want and to try to keep up is a surefire way to constantly be disappointed. That’s where pharmaceuticals come into play. If the things you’re buying aren’t making you happy, take this pill and keep buying more.


Desire Obtain Cherish received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parson’s School of Design and got his beginnings as a street artist in the 2000’s, often hijacking billboards to spread his satirical messages. He held his first solo show at Lab Art street gallery in Los Angeles in 2011 and will be showing at an art fair in LA this month and Miami next month. See more of his installations and street art and find out how to catch one of his upcoming shows at






Addicted At Birth
Desire-Obtain-Cherish-designer-drugs-7 Addicted At Birth

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