Will this be Apartment Living in 2080?


The future of the human species always seems to hang perilously between excitement and destruction. Excitement for the future of technology, and the improvements it can bring to our lives; and destruction, because every week there seems to be another disaster. Our hope and determination to survive against all odds will bring about an exciting new way of life. As technology continues to advance, will we begin to see all types of changes come our way, transforming our living spaces into scenes out of 60s retro futuristic drawings? Imagining what apartment living in 2080 will look like is a great way to daydream about the future.

In the future, apartment living won’t be a sacrifice. Instead, we imagine technology to greatly enhance our lives and bring about improved appliances, alternative energy sources, and adjustable square-footage for city dwellers. By 2080, green and alternative energy will probably be the norm, translating into reduced energy costs. Solar and wind will be harnessed by each unit to ensure their homes run solely off of clean energy.

Each apartment will be comprised of different types of expanding spaces. You’ll be able to arrange – and rearrange – your apartment at a moments notice when unexpected guests want to crash at your pad. The apartment structures will be made of extendable floors and walls. Allowing you to arrange the floor plan into a wide array of opportunities. The only problem with this luxury is that your go-to excuse for why your mother-in-law can’t stay over will be eliminated.

Another cool feature of future living is the Insta-Garden. Each apartment will have an indoor greenhouse, where all you need to do is add seeds, and water to your Insta-Garden, and the machine will grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices for you in a perfectly maintained environment.

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via: Appfolio

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