Accurate, Real Life Recreation of Van Gogh’s Portrait

Tadao Cern Van Gogh Photograph 3

When it comes to perfect remakes of famous artwork, few have come close to this photographic tribute to Van Gogh’s self-portrait. In fact, if you were flipping through an art book and saw this photograph, you might just keep going without realizing it wasn’t the original painting.


Created by Lithuania based Tadao Cern, Revealing the Truth is quite uniquely a self-portrait recreation of a self-portrait. Almost every hair is in the right place, and with a little photoshop help, Cern is transformed into the angular face of the legendary painter. Even the buttons on his velvet coat are perfectly placed. To get a better look at the perfection of this piece, see the revealing video below.

Cern is perhaps best know for his wild, face distorting series Blow Job (in which he photographs people getting smacked in the face by high velocity wind). This latest example continues to reveal this dynamic artists many talents and diversity of style. See more of his work on Behance, Facebook or his personal website,

Tadao Cern Van Gogh Photograph 2

Tadao Cern Van Gogh Photograph 1

Via: twentytwowords

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