Would You Volunteer for a One-Way Trip to Mars?

Mars One 1

Would you volunteer for a one-way trip to Mars, never again to return to the Earth? That is the proposition the non-profit organization Mars One is putting forth for a group of 4 brave people with a distinct lack of nostalgia for old Mother Earth. Once on the red planet, they will establish a habitable, sustainable outpost designed to receive additional astronauts every two years. If the plan works, we will see Mars being colonized by as early as 2023… that’s 10 short years people!

Mars One’s highly original idea for funding the project is to create what could be the first reality TV show that sees the whole world tune in to watch. Starting this year they will begin live-broadcasting the astronaut selection process from a group of applicants for the one-way trip – deemed more efficient and possible using current technology. All of the technology used for the trip is either currently available or within easy reach, making the process of landing people at their new home far more realistic. The launcher for the trips many stages is hoped to be the Space X Falcon Heavy (currently in development).


From the massive and growing reaction this project is receiving… and the fact that many of us would like to know more about the brave and/or crazy people who would volunteer for such a drastic adventure – it looks like this is one wild project which could see reality (TV and otherwise). Watch the video from Mars One and see pictures detailing the roadmap for the project (below), then find out more at Mars-One.com.

The Roadmap for the Mars One project:

Mars One 2

Mars One 3

Mars One 4

Mars One 5

Mars One 6

Mars One 7

Mars One 8

Mars One 9

Mars One 10

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