Icons Re-mixed in Ghoulish Watercolor Paintings

Influenced by Stephen Gammell’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, a Seattle based artist who goes by the name of Wednesday Wolf has put a ghoulish twist on some of Pop Culture’s most iconic characters. Cartoons, video game characters, and superheroes are weakened as WW re-mixes them with stringy limbs and morose faces. The macabre, drooping figures are done with watercolors and the collection is extensive, with many of his own character creations. WW draws on the skills taught to him by his father who is a computer programmer, to market himself online, allowing him to be a full time artist. He is also arranging a musical accompaniment to his art exhibits by putting a punk band together.

1 chewie


See Wednesday Wolf’s persona in his interview with RAW: Seattle Unearthed at the bottom of this post. According to Seattlest, Wednesday Wolf “feels that the world would be a better place if we all took ourselves a bit less seriously and allowed ourselves a bit more enjoyment.” See more of Wednesday Wolf’s morbid creatures on his website, Tumblr, Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and support a guy following his dreams by purchasing his work on Etsy.

Above: Chewie and Below: Yoda
2 Yoda

3 bobafett

4 hobbes

5 Hulk

6 luigi

7 Mario

8 MegaMan

9 spiderman

10 tmnt

Wednesday Wolf at RawArtists.org: Seattle “Unearthed”

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