Will This Massive Airship Be the Next Way We Travel?

Aeroscraft Dream Dragon Gigantic Airship 1

Will your next flying trip be more like going on a luxurious cruise? Aeros, a modern day airship company, is in the midst of testing their gigantic new Aeroscraft which the company plans to use to transport passengers, cargo and for military applications. You only get a sense for the scale of this “subscale demonstration version” when you notice the parked truck in the picture above… and yes you read that correctly, this is a “small” test version of what they plan to build next – a series of 3 Aeroscraft models ranging from 310 to 787 feet and lifting 20 to 500 tons!

At the beginning of the 20th century the airship looked to be the future of long distance air travel. Zeppelins traveled huge distances carrying passengers in never again matched luxury: gigantic lounge and dining rooms, baby grand pianos for entertainment, private cabins to fall asleep in after a late night chat over cocktails. Before the tragic demise of the Hindenburg, the Graf Zeppilin flew over 1 million miles and spent a total of nearly 2 years aloft with no difficulties (the Hindenburg was unfortunately filled with explosive Hydrogen because the US put a ban on Helium exports).


Like its older predecessors, the Aeroscraft has a rigid internal structure. Unlike the non-rigid blimp, the rigid airship holds its shape and can be built in aerodynamic shapes to facilitate better speed, greater lift and better fuel efficiency, and vertical takeoff from small airfields. That’s the true beauty of this design and perhaps why it will find success in a future of decreasing fuel supplies and space for airports. Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of this post for a look at the Aeroscraft’s first move. You can find out more at aeroscraft.com. A sky filled with gigantic silver airships cruising gracefully to far off lands is an exciting prospect to be sure.

Aeroscraft Dream Dragon Gigantic Airship 2

Aeroscraft Dream Dragon Gigantic Airship 3

Aeroscraft Dream Dragon Gigantic Airship 4

Aeroscraft Dream Dragon Gigantic Airship 5

Via: gizmodo

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