Using Money as a Vehicle to Stamp Money Out of Politics


Did you ever get change back from a vendor and notice that one of your bills has some kind of hilarious drawing or quote written across it? It’s rare that these bills go un-noticed, so what if we used money to spread a message and take back our democracy? StampStampede has come up with a brilliant idea to stamp messages on currency in support of passing a constitutional amendment to Get Money Out of Politics. Each bill printed in the U.S. passes through 875 hands, on average, so if just 1 person stamps one bill per day for 1 year, it could reach 300,000 people, which means it would only take 1,000 to reach the entire U.S. population!


According to Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s, “This is monetary jiujitsu. It’s using money to get money out of politics.” Let’s make these stamps more common on dollar bills than cocaine and pathogens! Order a stamp (at cost) today for less than 2 grande Frappuccinos at and start spreading the news! Believe in a future where the country is run by the politicians with the best ideas rather than the biggest backings and follow the StampStampede movement on Facebook and Twitter.






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