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A little over 5 years ago the first iPhone was introduced to the world. Many people were excited about its utility and potential… and upon its release it changed the world. The internet had become more accessible than ever before and daily tasks have become much easier through the use of the first iPhone and other smart phones to follow.

It’s amazing how humans have become connected to their phones. The world has gone mobile. With unlimited information, stimulating games and applications available, each moment that may of been spent waiting or bored has quickly been replaced with interaction with a phone.


A Finnish mobile researcher took time to take photos of people on their phones in black and white and has created a Tumblr to show all the images. He titled his page “We never look up.” In daily life, we see it happen everyday and do it ourselves. While in the future there may be a swing in the pendulum regarding interaction behaviors on mobile devices, for now the world is getting into the full swing of using their phones in many aspects of daily life. Waiting and being alone in one’s thoughts is a dying art, as is the randomness of talking to a complete stranger. What long term benefits humans gain from their mobile interaction time will tell, but one thing is certain, it is quite an interesting time to live in the world today. See more at weneverlookup.tumblr.com.

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