Printing Heaven: These Business Cards Are A Cut Above


Sometimes you just run across a company that’s doing it right. Here at Visual News / Column Five, we recently had some postcards printed for us by and were seriously impressed with the quality, ease of creating them and level of customization. Many of you know this is a market that is majorly hit or miss, with plenty of lesser companies producing far inferior product with a multitude of printing errors. These are very well printed, on high-quality paper stock and something you can be proud to give someone… they even feel good in your hand. Because of our great experience, we wanted to feature a few of their pre-designed business cards, many of which are affordable and so customizable it will look like you spent loads getting design work done… heck, they even make it look seriously cool to be a plumber.

Our selection of cards is just a small sample of the many pre-designed cards they offer. Many provide you with at least 6 alternating images in each pack, making the cards fresh and interesting for the people lucky enough to receive them. Text on both the front and back of the card is often customizable, the front text being seamlessly integrated into the imagery for a very professional appearance. In the case of the Mix Tape cards above and below, the text “written” on the front can be completely edited to match the theme of your project or business, including changing the font.

Moo offers some interesting ways to set your cards apart beyond the imagery. You can get “Luxe” cards with super heavy stock and a different color of paper sandwiched in the center, cards custom created using imagery from your personal or business based Facebook page, and the option of square or rounded corners. This is just scratching the surface of the paper products they offer (custom printed stickers, labels, mini-business cards, notecards, postcards… you name it), and it’s also easy to get your own custom designs made if you don’t find the correct image in their large pre-made collection. Check out for more.













Moo15’s Facebook Cards, create a Timeline like image using the pictures from your own Facebook page. It’s a quick and simple way to make cards custom tailored to you.

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