Animals Getting Down to Business


You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals, yet we’ve let corporate greed and politics drive our species apart. Canadian artist Tony Taylor illustrates how he sees world economic forums and other well-publicized events that invite “world leaders and corporations to bump elbows, share anecdotes and discuss economic philosophy, disregarding any opportunity for public participation or representation.” By replacing the leaders’ heads with the animals that he thinks better represent their character, Taylor has created a series of paintings that are just as silly as the events they portray. Taylor’s paintings align with the opinion of a political scientist and activist named Howard Zinn who he quotes in his artist statement, “Art moves away from reality and invents something that may be ultimately more accurate about the world than what a photograph can depict.”


Whether you love these paintings for the message that they represent or because animals with human bodies in business suits are just flat out hilarious, you can see more of and purchase Taylor’s art at #Hashtag Gallery. Recently, he was chosen for the OCAD Award at the Artist Project 2012 and in 2011 was selected as one of the twenty ‘UNTAPPED’ artists in Canada. See more of Tony Taylor’s work and his artist statement on his website.












Via #HashtagGallery

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