A Remixed Taxonomy of the Animal World

Penelope Kenny Collage 2

If combined groups of birds, mammals, insects and fish managed to converge on one point at high speed, the resulting collision might create something like the work of Penelope Kenny. After the fur, scales and feathers had settled, you’d be looking at perfectly formed remixes of the animal world: cockatoos with rabbit heads, hummingbirds with grasshopper bodies and one deer with a bouncy kangaroo torso. Perhaps the strangest part of all this: the animals would look surprisingly beautiful.


Originally hailing from Australia, Kenny now works and lives in Brighton on the southern English coast. Her work is more that simply a pretty picture. As she explains on her website, her work is often about exploring the relationships between “humans and other animals, especially in connection to transhumanism, evolution, hybrids and biotechnology”. Her work is a commentary on human tampering with nature and an open dialogue on where boundaries should be drawn.

Visually her work is a tribute to the past masters of natural history, including the work of Darwin himself. Using a subdued and minimal color palette her work has a distinctly vintage look to it, as if pulled from the pages of classic texts. You can purchase limited edition prints made using water-based acrylic inks, pure pigments and metallic glazes at Modern Art Buyer, or see more of her work at penelope-kenny.com.

Penelope Kenny Collage 7

Penelope Kenny Collage 3

Penelope Kenny Collage 4

Penelope Kenny Collage 5

Penelope Kenny Collage 6

Penelope Kenny Collage 8

Penelope Kenny Collage 9

Penelope Kenny Collage 1

Via: modernartbuyer

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