Miniature Masterpieces: Microscopic Sculptures

Nicolai Aldunin 1

They say that patience is a virtue, but the amount of patience that it would take Nikolai Aldunin to sculpt these microscopic masterpieces should qualify him for sainthood. The Russian creative uses his 1985 microscope to sculpt accurate replicas of guns, tanks, bicycles and even a saddle with stirrups for a flea. According to TIME Aldunin works between the beats of his heart to keep his hands still using superglue, syringes, and toothpicks to create his miniatures. Aldunin offers advice for this line of work: “You musn’t get into a state of worry. Everything that you feel in your soul is transmitted to your hands.” Unfortunately, even after all of his hard work, there’s not a very big market for sculptures that can only be seen with a microscope.


Above: 7 camels & 3 palmtrees in the eye of a needle Below: Aldunin in his work area in Moscow
Nicolai Aldunin 2

A tiny tank on the open face of a sliced apple seed
Nicolai Aldunin 3

Another view of the tank on the apple seed
Nicolai Aldunin 4

Russian Samovar replica on a needle next to a grain of sugar
Nicolai Aldunin 5

A bicycle on a needle
Nicolai Aldunin 6

Leo Tolstoy engraved on a grain of rice
Nicolai Aldunin 7

A flea wearing a saddle and stirrups
Nicolai Aldunin 8

Gold AK-47 with 34 individual parts on a match
Nicolai Aldunin 9

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