Daniel and the Amazing Technicolor Igloo: A DIY Guide

Technicolor Igloo 1

Meeting your partner’s parents can be scary. Lots of questions to make sure you’re good enough for their child, little tests to discover your weaknesses, etc. But for New Zealander Daniel Gray, his engineering expertise was put to the test with a project thoroughly thought out by his girlfriend’s mother who they were visiting in Edmonton, Canada for the holidays. The mother, Brigid Burton, did not want Dan to be bored during the visit, so she began creating colorful ice blocks made by freezing water and food coloring in recycled milk cartons long before the couple arrived. She challenged Gray to create a rainbow igloo, thinking it would be an impossible task, and in exchange she would grant him permission to marry her daughter, Kathleen Starrie.


Daniel drafted up a plan and the couple, with the help of Kathleen’s parents, began to build their rainbow igloo. They used snow and water as cement between each block and sure enough five weeks, 500 ice blocks, and about 150 hours of work later, the igloo was finally complete. The project even made the Edmonton local news. I think Gray might insist on bringing his girlfriend home to New Zealand instead for the holidays next year.

Technicolor Igloo 2

Technicolor Igloo 3

Technicolor Igloo 4

Technicolor Igloo 5

Technicolor Igloo 6

Technicolor Igloo 7

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Technicolor Igloo 9

Technicolor Igloo 10

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