Amanda Beck: Waltzing Animals in a Victorian World

Amanda Beck Art 7

Take a trip back in time with us, to a world where fashion is seriously classy and the people manage to be proper and animalistic at the same time. Amanda Beck creates imaginatively reworked images featuring a host of victorian figures with animal heads. Her mixed media work stands out in a world of Photoshop, using traditional techniques to create images which deftly trick the eye and take us into a fantastically refined dream world. We had to know more about the creative mind behind these very special works, so we caught up with Amanda with a few questions:

How do you find inspiration for starting your works? Is it about finding interesting imagery, thinking of a specific theme, or something else?

“A lot of different things inspire me, from music, other artists and art. But mostly I have this sort of dream world in my mind where all these anthropomorphic creatures live. I may not know what they look like until I dive into my stash and start cutting and clipping. It is sort of an impromptu play, where i have a vague idea about who or what I want to say and then I just start making it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes It doesn’t. I am very process driven. So I enjoy the journey as much as seeing the end result.”

“But what gets my cranks turning if I am stuck is usually music. My process is pretty fluid, not a lot of prep work. So if I listen to the right music it gets the wheels going. Then I rely on imagery. If the images are interesting then I am home free. The two together are enough inspiration to get me to make stacks of work.”

Amanda Beck Art 6

Your images are seriously interesting to explore in depth, seeming to reveal more with each look. What techniques do you use to build up so many layers of detail?

“I try to create at least three obvious points of visual interest. Usually, if I have done that then the rest sort of takes care of itself. By that I mean the imagery I use often lends itself to containing layers of information, even if it is one layer, I just find pieces that resonate with one another and mostly think about balance and harmony. I keep adding this way until it feels complete.”

Who are three individuals, personal acquaintances or not, who have inspired you creatively?

“I love the Dadas – Max Ernst, Hannah Hoch, etc… and Surrealism – Frida Kahlo, Dali. I also am charged with inspiration from assemblage artists like Janice Lowry and Joseph Cornell. That is more than three I know, sorry.”

No worries Amanda, we can’t get enough artistic inspiration! Thank you very much for helping us get a better understanding of your art.

Interested in getting your hands on one of these excellently crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces? Amanda offers her work exclusively through contact on her personal site,

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Amanda Beck Art 2

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