Engagement photos in Exotic Bali

bali engagement photo

Every day people fall in love and get married… including on the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia. Similar to engagement photos in America, Balinese photographers offer “pre-wedding” photo packages to happy couples before they have their official weddings. The various photographers take their couples to exotic places on the island including the beaches, jungles, waterfalls and temples.


There are many photographers to choose from if one decides to get married in Bali and their rates are reasonable. We have selected a few images we liked from some of photographers in Bali and you can find more of their wedding portfolio linked below the image.

bali wedding photographyBy Apel Photography

bali engagement photographyBy Apel Photography

bali prewedding photo 5By Bali Moment

pre-wedding-como-ellis-art-center-bali-03By Studio 8

Bali-Prewedding-Photography_balipic-052By Bali Pic

bali-pre-wedding-10By Dsight Photography

bali pre wedding photo 4By Eden Images

bali preweddingBy Bali Wedding Art Photography

bali engagement photography 2By Why Imaging

bali pre wedding photography 5By Dsight Photography

bali pre wedding photo 3By Apel Photography

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