Recycled Records Become Vinyl Silhouettes

1 batman_silhouette_vinyl by tamás kánya

While some might cry sacrilege at the butchering of precious records, Tamás Kánya of Hungary has transformed the vinyl into silhouettes that are pretty flippin’ awesome. From Batman to Michael Jackson to Star Wars, Kánya’s vinyl figures seem to be emerging from each record on the striking yellow background. The artist is very handy with sharp tools and recycled materials; he has also created some incredible miniature airplanes out of beer cans. See more of the vinyl silhouettes and his other creations on Kánya’s deviantART and Flickr pages.


2 michael_jackson_vinyl_by tamás kánya

3 tamás kánya

4 tamás kánya

5 tamás kánya

6 skateboarder_vinyl_records_art_by_tamas_kanya

7 star_wars_vinyl_records_art_by_tamas_kanya

8 star_wars_vinyl_records_art_by_tamas_kanya

9 star_wars_vinyl_records_art_by_tamas_kanya


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