Dead Like Disco: Musicians Who Left Us Before Their Time

David Maclennan Dead Like Disco 1

We’re certainly grateful for all these dead. David Maclennan’s excellent new series, Dead Like Disco, features a host of famous musicians who “passed away before their time.” Obviously the collection includes Buddy Holly, Jim Morrison and Jimmy Hendrix… all musicians who left us in the prime of their genius and before they could fully give their musical gift to the world. Maclennan has done the series in a cool skull-based style fitting of the subject matter, but each is detailed in bright colors equally fitting of these artists and the creative spirit they embodied while alive. In their famous hairstyles we catch a glimpse of some of their more famous lyrics.


Maclennan hails from Cape Town, South Africa, and has a portfolio of work that is stylistically and materially diverse. Besides creating pieces the likes of what you see here, he has also decorated plastic figurines, created illustrated surfboard fins, and done anatomical drawings. You can see more of said portfolio at his personal website, All Work All Play, or follow him on Behance.

David Maclennan Dead Like Disco 2

David Maclennan Dead Like Disco 3

David Maclennan Dead Like Disco 4

David Maclennan Dead Like Disco 5

David Maclennan Dead Like Disco 6

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