Floating Rooms in Perspective

Suzanne Geary Rooms 2

Sometimes to get the best view of something, you have to eliminate all distractions. That’s what artist Suzanne Geary has done in her fantastic series of rooms in perspective. Drawing each with colored pencil she shows us a top-down view of someones living space, showing us just one room with all external walls and details erased from view. Instead we are treated to a bold field of color, almost giving us the feeling it’s floating in space.


The project was done as part of Geary’s recent project at the Rhode Island School of Design and each was created as a series of “character rooms.” With their wonderfully warm aesthetic and a profusion of glowing lights, how fun it would be to see this formate translated into a picture book with a good story… or taking that concept further, into live-action views in a short film. If you’re interested in seeing more of Suzanne Geary’s work, you’ll find more on her art blog, Relax, Mammal! or at her personal blog. Be sure to follow her on Twitter or DeviantArt.

Suzanne Geary Rooms 7

Suzanne Geary Rooms 6

Suzanne Geary Rooms 5

Suzanne Geary Rooms 4

Suzanne Geary Rooms 3

Suzanne Geary Rooms 1

Via: meathaus

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