No Photoshop, Upside Down Timed Selfies Send a Message

No Photoshop, Upside Down Timed Selfies Send a Message

1 Caulton Morris

What may look like the planking of 2013 is actually one photographer’s message to the world. Since we get enough digital retouching in our daily doses of media, Caulton Morris prefers not to use it in his work as a symbol of his detestation of the fashion industry. As the majority of his photos in the series Upside are self-taken using the ten second timer on his camera, he has found increasingly creative places to do a headstand and capture it just before he falls. He did have some help the photo above- his girlfriend was underwater holding the kayak still. In another photo Morris stands upside down with his hands out to the sides on a desk next to an image of Steve Jobs because he is against the idea of celebrity worship.


In an interview with WIRED, Morris said “I think life needs some kind of framework in which we can play and explore and as soon as you remove all the framework, to me life becomes a little bit … pointless, less enjoyable.” See more of his photography on his website and Flickr and follow him on Twitter if you like what he has to say.

2 Caulton Morris

3 Caulton Morris

4 Caulton Morris

5 Caulton Morris

6 Caulton Morris

7 Caulton Morris

8 Caulton Morris

9 Caulton Morris


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