Ken Niimura’s English, Japanese & Spanish Fusion

Ken Niimura 1

Ken Niimura is an award winning cartoonist and illustrator known for his work in many publications. Some of his well know works include I kill giants, Japanese in Mangaland and Lunático.


Based out of Tokyo, Niimura has had a Spanish and Japanese cultural upbringing and appropriately his work has been featured throughout Spanish, Japanese and English speaking outlets. Featured below are some of his earlier illustrations and some that were part of a series titled “Images of the Floating World.”

To learn more of Ken Niimura’s works, check out his website and his Facebook.




Ken Niimura 2

Ken Niimura 3

Ken Niimura 4

Ken Niimura 5

Ken Niimura 6

Ken Niimura 7

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