Artist Transforms Whales Into Transportation Devices

1  Roland Tamayo

Just about everyone has dreamed of how amazing it would be to ride on a bird’s back and fly through the sky, but that’s just not realistic…birds are too small. Whales, however, are enormous- some bigger than semi-trucks, so if we could turn their blowholes into steam pipes or attach sails to their backs, they would be the perfect fantasy ride through the sky. LA-based artist Roland Tamayo demonstrates what this might look like in a surreal series of whale art. The former concept artist in the gaming industry shifted gears to work on fine art and freelance work after the birth of his twin sons. Check out more of imaginative works that combine nature with man-made objects on Tamayo’s website and Facebook.


2 Roland Tamayo

3 Roland Tamayo

4 Roland Tamayo

5 Roland Tamayo

6 Roland Tamayo

7 Roland Tamayo

8 Roland Tamayo

9 Roland Tamayo

10 Roland Tamayo

11 Roland Tamayo

12 Roland Tamayo

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