The Difference Between Holland and the Netherlands

CGP Grey Holland 3

Next time you’re off to Holland to pick some tulips you’re going to be far, far more informed about the place… and far more correct in identifying what it is. As this excellent and quickly paced video from the epic CPG Grey points out, there is a massive misunderstanding about the tulip growing, windmill building, hagelslag eating, container ship moving, ocean conquering nation… most importantly that it’s called the Netherlands and “Holland” is actually just its two most populous provinces.


Other things you’ll find out are how New Zealand got its name; the old name of Australia; why we call the Pensilvania Dutch “Dutch” even when they are from Germany; and why part of the European Union is actually located in the southern Caribbean. Seriously, there are some strange things going on with this low lying nation, and marijuana smoking is not even close to the biggest part of it. Join us now on this great journey which (if you’re like us geography geeks), will have you itching to explore all things Dutch sooner rather than later.

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