3D Pavement Art from the Inventor of the Style


Kurt Wenner is a master artist and master architect famous for inventing three-dimensional pastel drawings, which are also known as 3D Street Painting or 3D Pavement Art. He has spent a lifetime creating art forms, works of art and architecture, as well educational programs in a vast array of venues and media. Central to his own creative process is the knowledge of both classicism and artist’s geometry.

“My paintings invite rediscovery of many artistic traditions, and I enjoy incorporating mythology, allegory, literature, and theater into the compositions. I find that even if a viewer cannot reference the story they sense that one exists and become engaged, curious to learn more. I particularly like to challenge my audience with a wealth of allusions — historical, stylistic, and perceptual. While some viewers recognize and appreciate the content, others admire the richly embellished surfaces or technical ability. I especially enjoy working on large pieces that “encompass’” the viewer. By combining painting with sculpture and architecture, I force them to interact in new ways that often blurs the distinction between them. The traditional appearance of my work is my strongest illusion, as it obscures the bold and original use of perspective I employ.”


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Kurt Wenner 3d Art

kurt wenner art




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