Nature’s Canvas: Illustrations Etched Into Mushrooms

Cory Corcoran 1

Just when you think you’ve seen every possible medium for art, along comes Corey Corcoran who uses mushrooms as the canvas for his intricate drawings. The Boston-based artist etches imaginative scenes onto the surface of Ganoderma applanatum also known as Artist Conk mushrooms. As there is no erasing in this line of illustration, Corcoran must be very precise when he is engraving images into the mushrooms. Each specimen ranges in size from six inches to two feet and are mostly focused around plant life, insects, and people. For more mushroom magic, check out the gallery on Corcoran’s website.


Cory Corcoran 2

Cory Corcoran 3

Cory Corcoran 4

Cory Corcoran 5

Cory Corcoran 6

Cory Corcoran 7

Cory Corcoran 8

Cory Corcoran 9

Cory Corcoran 10

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