Merry Minimalist Christmas! A Nativity Made of Blocks

Colour Nativity by Sebastian Bergne 1

The traditional nativity is comprised of some gold gilt figurines, often made of ceramic, surrounding a baby on an all too tiny manger. The scene is timeless, but the colors are garish and the style is questionable. If the idea of a standard nativity set doesn’t match up with your contemporary aesthetic, this set might have far more appeal. Created by London based designer Sebastian Bergne, the set is made of nothing more than 8 painted wooden blocks and a wooden box… but it is far smarter than it is simple.


Bergne has simplified the iconic manger scene down to its most iconic figures and given them colors which match their traditional representations. We have the three wise men, a shepherd, Mary and Joseph, the baby Jesus, and the shining star of Bethlehem. Like a puzzle, the blocks cleverly fit into the wooden box for storage until next year – and the box also serves as the stable backdrop for the scene. You can find more of Bergne’s equally clever work at

Colour Nativity by Sebastian Bergne 2

Colour Nativity by Sebastian Bergne 3

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