Visualizing The Chemistry of Snowflakes

The Chemisrry of Snowflakes

It’s the end of a natural process that many of us see millions of times every year – the creation of tiny snowflakes which together build the white wonderland of winter snow. But, just how many of us have really looked into what happens behind that process? How exactly does a snowflake form?


In this informative video from The American Chemical Society, we get an inside look at the process, starting from a dust particle in the air and ending with the flakes touchdown on earth. Perhaps the most surprising part of the motion graphic, is the fact that it partially busts the long held idea that all snowflakes are unique… something which could come as a shock to poets and motivational speakers alike.

Want to take a look at snowflakes under a microscope? For a mind bending new look at something familiar, see our article Snowflakes Up Close: A Small Fragile World.

The Chemistry of Snowflakes 2

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