Visualizing the Intertwined Categories on Reddit

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The continuously growing community of Reddit, with over 3 billion page views per month, has something for everyone. But how exactly does one subreddit link to the next? In this amazing interactive visualization by Andrei Kashcha each dot represents a subreddit and each link reveals a references to other subreddits in that category’s about section. The visualization shows the magnitude of what a gigantic web the site has become and can also help you navigate the overwhelming network to find the categories right for you.

The implications for Kashcha’s subreddit visualization could be infinitely helpful for advertisers looking to find which communities would best receive their service or product. Check out more details on Kashcha’s blog, then head over to the incredible visualization and start exploring! It’s the perfect way to discover the perfect niche for you on Reddit!

Via: Redditor ion-tom

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