Grandma’s Home Cooking From Around the World

1 Gabriele Galimberti Morocco

There’s nothing like a home cooked meal- and somehow grandma always does it best! Before he set out for his couchsurfing world tour, Gabriele Galimberti’s grandmother was worried that he would not get good, hearty meals on his journey, so she made him her family famous homemade ravioli to send him off with a full belly. Much to his grandmother’s delight, everywhere he went, Galimberti got to play the role of hungry grandson, enjoying native dishes and secret family recipes from around the globe. In this amazing collection of photos, Galimberti captured loving grandmothers preparing then presenting their favorite dish to him, and he got to take the recipes with him! What an amazingly fun project that must have been. See more information and images from his Delicatessen with Love collection here.


Above: Morocco Below: Thailand
2 Gabriele Galimberti thailand

3 Gabriele Galimberti armenia

4 Gabriele Galimberti Philippines

5 Gabriele Galimberti Haiti

6 Gabriele Galimberti lebanon

7 Gabriele Galimberti malawi

8 Gabriele Galimberti china

9 Gabriele Galimberti india

10 Gabriele Galimberti Italy

11 Gabriele Galimberti Alaska

12 Gabriele Galimberti utah


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