X-Ray Peeks at X-mas Gifts

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No matter how much you shake, rattle, and size-up your presents this holiday season, sometimes you still can’t figure out what’s inside. But with an X-ray view, there is no mistaking what lies beneath that festive wrapping paper and bow! X-ray Artist Hugh Tuvey from the British Institute of Radiology took radiographed pictures of wrapped up Christmas packages to reveal the secrets inside. According to Tuvey, in an interview with The Telegraph,

“I thought to myself – haven’t we all guessed and speculated over what we were getting in our presents? So I put on what I call my my X-ray specs and had a sneaky peek…I have been working with X-rays for over 20 years and never get tired of seeing things I shouldn’t. I guess the only challenge will be looking surprised on Christmas day when I’m opening my presents.”


I, for one, have always been a present snooper, and would have loved to have access to this technology when I was young. I figured it’s still a “surprise” when you find your gifts…why wait until Christmas?! See more x-ray images of gifts in The Telegraph’s gallery and learn more about the X-Ray Artist in the video at the bottom of this post or head to his website and Behance page.

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