The Aatsinki Season- A Visual, Interactive, Debate


To accompany the documentary, Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys, Myriapod Productions and Murmur have created an amazing, interactive, visual debate that invites users to answer the question, “What is man’s place in nature? The film follows the Aatsinki family of reindeer herders in Finnish Lapland, near the Arctic circle, showcasing their intricate bond with nature. The reindeer that they lead are the last group of wild reindeer in all of Finland.

According the the film’s synopsis, the role of the reindeer herders is both beneficial and harmful to natural conservation of the land:

“Between their uncanny understanding of the landscape and their reindeer on the one hand, and their heavy reliance on snowmobiles and helicopters on the other, the herders have been categorized as beacons of sustainability and demons of environmentalism – in essence, poster children for simplicity and technology alike.”

A large tourist attraction, having the reindeer brings visitors to the land and attracts large predators for hunters, but keep farmers, uranium miners, and foresters unhappy. Explore the debate from all sides and answer the questions: How do you think this land should be used? and How do you define environmentalism? After each question is a video that explains the herder’s perspective and you might find that it is difficult not to side with the ones who know and respect the land the most. Check out the interactive debate, then follow the project on Facebook.

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