A Window that Forecasts Tomorrow’s Weather

What if every time you looked out a special window you saw tomorrow? What affect would that have on you and your outlook on life? If you could simply look and see that tomorrow was going to be rainy, would that make you depressed, or would it cause you to make better use of today? Would a clear blue sky make you excited about the coming day, or look negatively on the one at hand? Mathieu Lehanneur’s technology based window, Demain est un Autre Jour (Tomorrow is Another Day), explores these ideas and even more.


As a way to provide food for thought, the well known French designer has created just such a window, albeit one with a slightly artistic view of the outside world of tomorrow. Originally intended for the Palliative Care Unit of the Diaconesses / Croix-Saint-Simon Hospital Group, the round device shows observers a look at tomorrow’s potential sky. To do so it gathers real-time information from the internet and creates a glowing, impressionistic image diffused through a honeycomb structure on its screen.

While we can easily check the internet or the app on our smartphone to see tomorrow’s weather, this device goes one step further in putting that information before our faces in an unavoidable and affecting way. As Lehanneur intended, it is a chance for us to reflect on the impermanence of things. Be sure to check out this forward thinking designer’s excellent TED Talk (below) and more of his work at mathieulehanneur.fr.

Mathieu Lehanneur demos science-inspired design:


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