Gregory Scott Jumps Into His Paintings

Gregory Scott does more than paint self-portraits – he literally merges with the images he creates. Using his combined skills in painting and photography, he makes large canvases and then suspends them before reality – often with surprising results. Sometimes Scott’s images are funny, other times completely bizarre, and sometimes they are sweetly poignant. Partly helped by his mostly black and white format, many of his images are confusing to interpret at first glance, often revealing clever tricks of perspective only on closer inspection.


Scott’s work could almost be the large scale version of Ben Heine’s Pencil vs. Camera project. Where Heine uses pencil, Scott uses paint – but in this case the artist is incorporated into the works themselves. Scott explains to Faith is Torment the objectives behind his unusual and entertaining works:

“I attempt to accomplish three goals with my artwork: for it to be engaging, meaningful, and accessible. To accomplish this I build in multiple layers of interpretation. To make it engaging I explore elements of trompe l’oeil, illusions, and altered realities to entice the viewer into paying attention. At the same time these techniques explore our perceptions of what is ‘real.'”

We certainly think he’s meeting his goals. You can find more of his work at

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