UNITIИU: Hilarious Mirrored Images of Celebrities

They say that the most symmetrical faces are considered to be the most beautiful, but what if we move the axis of symmetry away from the center? The popular meme known as UNITIИU involves just that- mirroring pictures so that the bilateral symmetry produces hilarious results. According to KnowYourMeme, it began in 2006 with a picture of Condoleezza Rice raising her hand. The mirrored image made her look like a crazy, evil dictator while causing the “UNITED STATES” plaque in front of her to read “UNITIИU“ and so it began. Reddit keeps the meme alive with an awesome sub-reddit of the same name. Shown here are some of my favorites, but be sure to head over to r/UNITINU to see more and participate in the fun.


Above: Emma Watson submitted by 2morrow4ever
Below: Jack Nicholson submitted by The_Demolished_Man

Scarlett Johansson submitted by dzamie

Michael Bloomberg submitted by hamilton268

Michael Jackson submitted by The_Demolished_Man

Tobey Maguire submitted by The_Demolished_Man

Chloe Sevigny submitted by The_Demolished_Man

Anna Kendrick submitted by menomenam

David Bowie submitted by The_Demolished_Man

Emma Stone submitted by 2morrow4ever

Bill Murray submitted by The_Demolished_Man

Neil deGrasse Tyson Submitted by Wxnzxn

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