Here’s a Few Early Christmas Gifs!

It’s that time of year when everyone, and we mean everyone, starts making christmas themed art. From the cute to the bizarre, you just can’t get away from it, so we’re embracing this inevitable happenstance and bringing you a gift of 11 fun gifs from the supppperbly titled site, Christmas Gifs (punny!).


A project by Ryan Todd, the animations (which do run the gamut from cute to bizarre) are being collected from artists all over the world, both famous and amateur. We see examples created by artists like Alex Grigg, Rob Pybus, and Ryan Todd himself, all in repeating gif form.

It’s a moving holiday celebration you can participate in: Todd is accepting submissions to the site from anyone inspired enough to create an animated 500 x 500 pixel gif using his downloadable PDF instructions. Time to get to it and give us more gifs!

Above: Too much for Santa by Tom Cole & Sean Weston
Below: All about the giving by Supermundane

The Way Christmas Makes Me Feel by Elliot Dear

Secret Santa by Alex Grigg

SLAMta Claus by Paul Layzell

Santa’s Slack by Rob Pybus

Head-Butt by Robert Hunter

Downhill Santa by Dante Zaballa

Rooftop Rollin’ by Ryan Todd

Santa9000 by Johnny Kelly

Santa in Disguise by Toby Triumph

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