Cute & Creepy: Teddy Bears With Storied Pasts

Being a teddy bear isn’t easy… with all the love they get, people literally squeeze, kiss and cuddle them to rags. That’s not all, in this arresting photo series by Mark Nixon, some of these bears are world travelers and one has fallen off a train. What remains of these often decades-old stuffed animals is just a rough and often creepy vision of their former cuddly selves. Don’t tell their owners they’re ugly though… these are treasured family members with storied pasts.

In his series MuchLoved, Nixon has collected stories about each of the bears he photographs. Some of the stories are funny – like a bear which has had the fur literally kissed off of it; while others are sad, like a story about a bear owned by one of Nixon’s friends who has now passed away. If you’re like me, the series will remind you of the stuffed animals you cherished as a child, and just possibly send you venturing to the attic to retrieve your long forgotten friend. See more of the series and read the great anecdotes at

Do you have a teddy with an interesting history or know someone who does? Nixon is looking for more teddys for MuchLoved, so get in touch and send him a picture.

Above: Teddy (age unknown)
Below: Teddy Tingley (age 45)

Louis (age 42)

Teddy (age unknown)

Flopsie (age 6)

Gerry (age 9 3/4)

Teddy Gilligan (age unknown)

Teddy Moore (age 43)

Teddy (age 51)


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