The Fitzroy: Film Project Set in the Post-Apocalyptic 50s

An exciting film set in an alternate post-apocalyptic 1950s, is looking for support through crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Andrew Harmer, an emerging writer and director from the the UK, has everything he needs: a script, a passionate team, and a great location for his feature film “The Fitzroy.” Well, almost everything. The team is trying to raise $96,550 to make the film a reality. So far, they have raised almost 40,000 and there are 17 days left to go.

The synopsis of the film revolves around a few survivors of the apocalypse living in a beached derelict submarine, now acting as a hotel. The leading character, Bernard, is the bellboy, cook, maintenance man and general dogsbody. Daily, he faces a constant battle to keep the decaying hotel airtight and afloat.


Bernard falls in love with another survivor named Sonya whom he discovers is a murderous guest. Suddenly he is finding himself thrown into a world of lies, backstabbing and chaos. As he struggles to hide her murders from other guests and suspicious authorities, things get crazy… and everything seems to be sinking around him. As his world implodes, Bernard must choose between the woman he thinks he loves and the hotel submarine that is keeping them all alive.

Funding would go to support aspects like food and accommodation for the crew, costumes, paint and power. Gifts are given to all donors and feedback is welcomed. Below is a fun two minute film Andrew and crew created to explain the film.

Check out the Fitzroy kickstarter page, Facebook & Twitter.

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