Gravityless: A B-Boy Takes Flight

I have to admit that when I saw the title of the new dance film, Gravityless, I fully expected it to be something with high tech CGI visuals. Instead what I got from the piece by David Olkarny, was something far more subtle and uplifting at the same time. It’s a film which follows b-boy dancer Karimbo around the city and countryside as he throws himself into almost gravity defying moves. As he hits the apex the film slows, revealing the poetry of each instance: Karimbo floats above sky scrapers, wooded glens, and sandy beaches in his dress pants, white shirt and thin black tie.


For me, the true magic of the film was actually what happens next. As the slow-mo ends, Karimbo comes crashing down onto the ground… often with a crashing blow in stark contrast to the graceful floating we just witnessed. With this theme repeated over and over through the films 2 minutes 4 seconds, it’s almost as if we are seeing the human spirit try to take flight – and failing over and over. Karimbo gets up and tries again and again, refusing to obey the law of gravity; refusing to be held down. It’s almost a meditation on appreciating those fleeting moments when our spirits soar… and a reminder to keep getting up so we can fly again.


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